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Rangayana in trouble

If you are in Mysore, or closely following the developments of Mysore, it is hard to miss the issue of theatre repertory Rangayana . It pains to see that the organization which should be concentrating on the production of plays is now embroiled in bureaucratic problems. Rangayana is a state government funded theatre repertory started under the initiative of B.V. Karanth almost 25 years ago. Most of their initial years were spent for the sake of training. Public shows started only after few years of training. It has taken lot of effort, mainly by Karanth and later on by others, to build the team. It was when Prasanna became the director that Rangayana started the practice of weekend shows. And that practice is in place till date. If you visit Rangayana on a Sunday, you can be rest assured of a play being performed at six thirty pm (usually by Rangayana or by other teams when they are on a tour). Being in Mysore, we get to watch other amateur team’s productions too. And