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Poorly Designed Suburban Bus Stand

This was something which was long overdue. Finally found the time to visit the KSRTC suburban bus stand and review it. KSRTC took a long time to repair or renovate or whatever nonsense they wish to call it. But the bus stand is pretty much the same as it was before that wasteful exercise.  The idea to write about this and the person who accompanied me to the bus stand and without whose inputs this review wouldn't have been anywhere near what it is now, wishes to remain anonymous for various reasons. Below, I reproduce the article which first appeared at the MGP blog over here .  Poorly Designed Suburban Bus Stand The suburban bus stand of Mysore on Bangalore Nilgiri Road has been upgraded at a cost of Rs. 30 crores under JNNURM. MGP has received complaints from the public about the poor conditions prevailing in this expensive bus stand. These conditions appear to be a consequence of numerous defects in the planning, design, execution and maintenance of the facil