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Can one take long exposure photos using Nikon ML3 ?

Nikon ML3 is the wireless remote which works with Nikon DSLR cameras using the inbuilt infrared option. I read several articles on web regarding long exposure photography and most of them mentioned a separate wired shutter release option as a prerequisite, but I did not come across any information regarding using of a wireless shutter release option for "Bulb" or "Time" mode for long exposures.  I had already placed an order for Nikon ML3 for my D3300 and would have been disappointed if it had not worked with the bulb mode. Fortunately, it did. Pressed once, it locks the shutter and pressed again, it releases the shutter. It does not, seemingly, differentiate between bulb and time mode, but it essentially works well.  Go ahead and buy it if you want to experiment with long exposure or for controlling shutter remotely, but make sure you also buy the spare CR 2025 battery for the wireless remote to be on the safer side.