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Is tempered glass really useful?

Until today afternoon, I had always covered my iPhone 7+ with tempered glass. It was perhaps my  paranoid mindset which made me install the tempered glass within moments of starting to use the iPhone.  I wish I had waited a bit before applying it. The reason which made me remove it was the obstruction it caused when I tried to bring up multitasking menu through the edge of the screen. And now I am so glad I removed it. It is so smooth to switch apps (I'm on beta iOS 11.1) now.  Do yourself a favour and remove it and then try using the phone. Thank me later. Stop being paranoid (like me:)) about the scratches and start using without the tempered glass and you will notice how much better your phone feels.

Do you still watch movies in theatres?

Ever since online steaming sites like Hotstar Amazon Prime and Netflix started in India, I have taken to watching movies and series on them rather than going to theatre. I watched Dangal twice when it came out and recently watched Dunkirk on the big screen. Apart form these two, never felt the visit to theatre was worth the movie. Many people recommended Newton last month and though I told them I would certainly watch it, what I actually meant was I would certainly watch it once it's eventually out on Netflix.  Somehow, I don't feel there is any incentive to watch movies in theatre. Felt bad after watching Bahubali 2 in theatre. Somehow after watching that now I am skeptical of watching movies in theatre. And moreover, I have felt a Narcos and House of Cards, to some extent, are far better than the movies which are released here. So why waste money when I can anyway watch these on my phone itself?