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Review of Blob- first ever Symbian app for Blogger

It has been many years since Blogger was started (1999) and later on, acquired by Google (2004). And Symbian platform has been around since 15 years. Surprisingly, Blogger never thought of developing an app for Symbian nor did the developers. To be fair to Blogger, the Android and iOS apps were developed by them only recently. But at this point of time, no US based service will probably invest their time and money on developing for Symbian (Kindle is another such service). But in the last one year, Symbian has perhaps seen the birth of several apps for the platform than it did in all those years of existence. But none of them filled the void of a missing Symbian app for Blogger services. That is why I was overjoyed when I saw this blog post by developer Anand Bibek. The app went live last night on Ovi Store. But is it really worth the wait or is it just another QT/QML app? Read on. As you start the app, a fairly simple Sign in/Sign up screen shows up. I would beli