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Why I am forever indebted to Fareed Ayaz and Abu Muhammad

How does one write about music? Of all the arts, the most difficult to describe is the music, at least, for me. With films (and books), I can very clearly say what I like, what type of acting I do, or do not like (since my main criteria for liking films is acting and then the story and rest). Also, with films, there are so many areas which I can write about, the direction, story, dialogues, screenplay, music, cinematography, etc. But when it comes to music, or as in the case of this blog post, a particular song, there is that song and nothing else. Especially, for someone like me, who does not understand or worry much about lyrics. The purpose of this lengthy introduction is me trying to explain how difficult it is to write about the song which I love and love only for the sake of the music. However hard I may try, it would be difficult to fully express how much or why I love this and to what extent. Perhaps, this is because of the limitation of the language or my knowledge of the