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Review of Nokia N8 (Belle)

A quick review of the Nokia N8 which I bought recently.

Home Screen

My Nokia N8 came with the latest version of Symbian, that is, Anna. For someone who was using a XpressMusic 5800 Symbian^1 phone, this was a huge improvement.

First, the obvious, camera. 12MP Carl Zeiss camera is actually as good as what I had heard about it since it's release. So much so that, I have never felt the need to use my Nikon L120, unless it involved using optical zoom. You can checkout few pictures in my Flickr stream.

Weather App
Ovi Store

Since there was already a leaked version of Symbian Belle available on the net (only for N8), I did not hesitate to break my warranty and install it. And I'm glad I did that. The new notification bar, more options with the home screen and widgets and also the improved battery life plus the overall look of the phone is too good to miss.

Smart Office

At least for me, battery life is important factor for a smartphone to be considered one. N8 easily lasts for around eight to ten hours with heavy usage. By heavy usage, I mean, continuous use of Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, music, phone calls, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Gravity, Smart Office, Mobile Documents, SymPaper, ZXReader, SymNote and gNewsReader. These are the applications which I constantly use on my N8. Otherwise, for moderate users, it should last for more than a day.


The call clarity, easy to use Swype (version 2 available at Betalabs), and the sturdiness of the device are added benefits.I would definitely want to review in detail, but right now, I can only say this much- if you wish to buy this, go ahead and do so, definitely a good value for money, even after one year of it's release.


More later, perhaps after a month's usage. I'm sure no one will be in a hurry to read this review since there are already hundreds of reviews available on the net for this year old phone. I will confine myself only to those apps mentioned in this blogpost.